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We Hate You

You Should Hate Us

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This journal was made solely for the discussion of extremely unique or interesting metal bands. Bands of this style can range from bands that incorporate extremely different instruments/concepts/etc. or bands that are just really different. "Interesting" entails that the band has a unique style of playing and artwork, maybe even a unique style of lyrics that make them eclectic and unique in their own way.

The journal also functions as a place to let out hatred. If there is any one group of people (or more) you concentrate your mortal energies on abhorring, do so here. The journal's name is based off of the fact that every one holds their hatred inside, while it still burns and bites at your inner cavity, waiting to be released.


1). Off-topic posts will (obviously) not go by tolerated. Hate something, talk about unique metal, or take your ass out of the community.

2). Anti-religion is allowed, as is anti-everything and anti-anything, but starting wars and being overall faggots will NOT be tolerated. Know your place.

3). You can choose to add bands that you think are unique. Simply IM me on AIM or MSN or post a comment in the wonderful "Add a Band" post and your submission will be reviewed and possibly added.

4). These posts are not always allowed and make the community a more interesting place:
- Random playlist posting (5 to 25 only, no clogging)
- Reviews (any bands, even non-unique/non-metal, are allowed)

5). Have fun. If you have problems with any members, you are too sensitive, and should not have joined a community whose sole purpose is to hate. That makes no sense, and will not be tolerated.