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helo, i am new. The reason i have joined is because i like the band solefald, and this band has its name in your interests. i also like the idea of a metal community souly based on alternative styles. I hope to learn of new bands and such... here is a play list i am listening to:

Solefald - Mont blanc providence crow
Ulver - Plate 11
Meshuggah - Spasm
Sigh - Corpsecy-Angelfall
Mercury tide - Why?
Between the buried and me - naked by the computer
Burzum - Dunkelheit
Ulver - Themes from William Blake
Carpathian Forest - Cold murderous music

i suggest Ulver and Carpathian forest to be put into your interests. both are very inovative in there styles. Although carpathian forest is mostly just black metal, it incorporates jazz and darkened techno into its music.
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